Class Baskets are due on Wednesday, March 15 between 7:45-8:20am and 2:15-3:15pm in front of school. Email Janene and/or Keyanna if there are any conflicts with the date/times.

Ready to purchase your Teacher + Guest tickets?  Deliver an envelope with the funds to the Front desk with your Teacher name/Guest, Room Parent email, who sponsored the ticket(s) – class or individuals. Envelopes will be collected by the PTA Treasurer and processed.

Dixie Canyon Auction Room Parent Information Packet

Masquerade Ball, Saturday, April 1, 2017, at the Sportsmen’s Lodge

Get out your party clothes for Dixie’s annual charity auction and dinner!   Join us on April 1st at the Sportsmen’s Lodge for a Masquerade Ball featuring an elegant evening of dinner, drinks, dancing and a silent and live auction raising critical funds for Dixie Canyon.  This is our most important Spring fundraiser, but we can’t make it a success without your help.  So come join the fun and help boost student achievement at Dixie!


In an effort to make our school auction extra special, we are asking that each class prepare a themed gift basket for the “Class Basket” category of the auction.  As room parent, you may facilitate this yourself or have another parent coordinate the basket.  See below for the attached list of classrooms to see what basket you will be preparing!!!  If you have another idea for your basket, please let us know.

Click Final Auction Classroom Themes 2017 to view or print

Please submit a basket filled with goodies that represent your basket’s theme.  Gift cards are great to put in the baskets.  BE CREATIVE.  Ask the other parents in your classroom to contribute to make your basket awesome.


We will be outside in front of the school collecting the class baskets on Wednesday,  March 15 between 7:45am – 8:20am and between 2:15-3:15pm.  If this does not work for you, please contact us so we can make other arrangements.  Your basket should be unwrapped, and include the attached form (see below).  Please itemize all the items included in the basket and provide a value for each item.  We are unable to accept any forms that are not completely filled out.

Click FINAL 2017 Class Basket Form to view or print


If you know anyone who can donate gift cards, items or services, please let us know.  We are in need of items for our auction.  This is where we make the most money, so it is important that we get nice items to auction off.  Ask your class if they have any connections!!!  The AUCTION SOLICITATION form can be found at here.


The price of each teacher’s ticket is $60 for the first week of selling tickets, and $65 thereafter.  The date to sell the tickets will be announced soon.  Please consider sponsoring your teacher’s ticket and their spouse, or significant other, so they will be able to attend the gala.  You may collect money from the class, or you may ask a parent or two to sponsor their teacher to go.  If any parent(s) wishes to sponsor a teacher, we will provide a nice card filled out with their info to give to the teacher letting them know who sponsored their tickets.  Also, we would like to sponsor the office staff to attend as well, so if you want to buy a ticket or contribute money towards that, we can collect this money as well.

Please contact  Janene Gerber or Keyanna Robinson with any questions.

Click FINAL Room Parent Auction Information Letter 2017  to view this letter in PDF

Thank you for your time and support!