Rainy Day Drop Off

Your children’s safety is our number one concern.  Because our campus can be very slippery in wet weather Dixie has the following guidelines for rainy mornings:
Kids dropped off curbside (front and back gate STOP, DROP & GO), or any unaccompanied kids go directly to the auditorium and wait there until their teacher comes to retrieve them. There will be staff in the auditorium to supervise them. Due to limited capacity, parents will not be allowed in the auditorium.
Parents who wish to accompany their kids (TK-5th grade) are welcomed to walk them onto campus but must remain with their child/children and keep to the sheltered walkways or covered areas outside their classroom, until their classroom opens.  Some teachers may open their classrooms for early entry.
Students are permitted to arrive on campus as early as 7:45am.
Help us keep all the kids safe and off the yard or grassy field in bad weather. We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you!