Dixie Strike Information


The PTA, per bylaws governed by the state and national PTA, must remain neutral in the strike.  We can not  promote, endorse or condone either side and absolutely no PTA funds or resources will be used.  We will be providing unbiased information that we believe is helpful to parents during this difficult time.  

  • UTLA has announced that the teacher strike will most likely begin on Monday January 14th.
  • If there is a strike, Dixie Canyon Community Charter will remain open and normal hours will be observed.
  • All students attending school during (except special ed) will need to enter and exit through the auditorium.  All other gates will be closed during the strike.  Special Ed will continue to enter through the reunion gate.
  • Stop Drop and Go will be operating and we ask parents to continue volunteering for the safety of the community.  We will need additional help next week in front of school.
  • The cafeteria will continue to operate on it’s normal schedule.
  • Star, YS, Dramaworks and Sofia’s Workshop continue to operate on their normal schedules. STEAM will not be holding after school classes beginning next week.  Please contact your respective after school programs for more detailed information.
  • LAUSD has opened a hotline for parents.  That number is 213-443-1300

Mrs. Yniguez sent out the following letter to all parents detailing the school plan in the event of a teacher strike.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

 LAUSD and Dixie Canyon Community Charter are doing everything possible to ensure every student has access to a safe, clean and supportive learning environment.  Contract negotiations between LAUSD and United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) are ongoing. In the event a strike occurs, there will be adjustments to the operations of the school and methods of delivery of instruction.  Please review the information below. Under the circumstances we will have a closed campus and only the auditorium doors will be opened.

Morning Drop Off & After School Pick Up

  • The auditorium doors will be opened at 7:45 for student drop off. Due to fire marshal regulations on capacity parents will be asked to drop off their child at the auditorium doors and say goodbye.
  • Special Education classes who arrive on the buswill enter the school through the reunion gate.
  • Safety Valet will only be available on Dixie Canyon Ave. The Woodbridge gate will be closed.
  • All students will report to the auditorium.
  • Afterschool pick up:

                  *1st– 5thgrade students will be dismissed to their after school programs.

                  * TK – 5thgrade students who do not go to an after school programs will be dismissed from                                         the auditorium to a parent or guardian

 Recess &  Lunch

Breakfast and lunch service will be available as usual. Recess will be from 10:30 – 11:00 and lunch time will be from

12:00 – 1:00.

Daily Rotations

  • Auditorium…………………Science
  • Library………………………Online Courses in Language Arts
  • Rooms 13 & 16……………Online Courses in Mathematics
  • Rooms 23 – 24…………… Art
  • Rooms 35 – 36…………….Drama
  • Physical Education……….Playground (weather permitting)


The daily schedule will include block periods. During the block periods students will participate in a variety of educational activities delivered by administrators and additional educational personnel. 

Safety First

Our first priority at Dixie Canyon Community Charter is the safety and education of all of our students. 

Our office will remain open as usual.  Office hours are from 7:30 – 4:30.

 After School Programs

 Youth Services, STAR, and after school enrichment classes will operate as usual. Their hours will remain the same except Thursday Dance Team is canceled. Please contact your off campus after school care providers and inform them of our changes.

 Communication Home

The Blackboard Connect System will be utilized to provide updates.  If you receive a phone call from the school, please listen to the message in its entirety as many of the questions you may have will be answered in the message provided.


All volunteers that have been processed by the District are welcome to come into the office and sign up volunteer opportunities during the work stoppage.  An administrator will reach out to you to coordinate. 

It is a pleasure and honor to be the Principal at Dixie Canyon Community Charter.  While we may be embarking on uncertain times, I truly appreciate our sense of community. On behalf of Dixie Canyon Community Charter, I thank you all for your support. 


Gloria H. Yniguez