Party Book February 28th


Parent’s Night Out – “Wine, Cheese and Learn How to Talk To Your Kids”

Party book is your chance to mingle with fellow Dixie parents, have a night out and 100% of the money go right to our school!

For the past four years Jason Ickovitz has been the school counselor in a private school teaching students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. Through his private practice, he learned that parents struggle with how to approach these difficult topics when their kids become curious about the world. Jason will join us in sharing how to prepare parents and arm them for these challenging and important moments.

Join us for the rare opportunity to discuss social/emotional themes such as bullying, differences, homelessness, natural disasters, shootings, death and grieving in a group setting. Through this unique party book, parents will walk away with activities such as a list of picture books, related youtube videos that kids will enjoy, and the confidence to create a space where they can have meaningful conversations and build a deeper relationship.

Wine and cheese will be provided. Adults only please.

Party Date:  Thursday, February 28, 2019
Party Time:  630PM-830PM
Party Location:  The Schwartz Residence in Studio City
Hosted By:  Michelle Schwartz & Joanna Herschko