Dixie Canyon is Updating Our Technology Program!

The decision to convert the computer lab to a classroom was made by Dixie’s teachers and Charter Governance Committee due to two primary factors:  1) increased access to technology for the students in the classroom and 2) decreased class sizes.


  1. Dixie is keeping up with the needs of a modern education by bringing technology into the classrooms, allowing teachers and students to use tech in new and different ways.
    • While a Dixie institution for many years, our computer lab had only 36 computers for over 700 kids. Students and teachers were unable to access and use technology in the classroom on a daily basis, as is needed to keep up with current educational standards.
    • It will be proposed that the PTA and Charter immediately purchase additional Chromebook carts to bring our ratio to 1 Chromebook for every 2 students at Dixie Canyon. This proposed purchase will be voted on at the August 29th PTA Association Meeting.  Please attend!
    • The 36 existing Mac desktops will be placed in the library and in needed classrooms.
  2. Dixie’s student enrollment is increasing each year. By turning the computer lab into a classroom with an additional teacher, we are able to decrease the number of students per class in the lower grades.

To learn more about this change, please attend an informational meeting this Friday, August 23rd @ 4 pm in the auditorium.  Then stay for Dixie’s Annual Family Night which will begin on the big yard at 5 pm.