Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at Dixie Canyon is based upon the frameworks and standards established by the California Department of Education. We offer a balanced, rigorous course of study taught by highly qualified teachers as defined by No Child Left Behind (NCLB). The goal of NCLB, the CDE, and of course, the Dixie Canyon community is that every student is proficient or advanced in all curricular areas…and we’re well on our way.


The English Language Arts standards include reading fluency, comprehension, and oral and written expression. These skills are taught using both using both the district-approved Treasures program and appropriate supplemental materials. Our creative and knowledgeable teaching staff enriches the language arts program with special projects, by making connections to other content areas, and through the arts. Thanks to generous community support, every student has the opportunity to participate in drama and other expressive activities under the guidance of our own Drama Sue. Students enjoy regular opportunities to read, research, and borrow materials from our beautiful “Wonder of Reading” library under the supervision of our library aide, Ms. Martha McMahon. .


Math is taught conceptually (enVision Math), using manipulatives (concrete aids) and research-based strategies to embrace the standards. All math strands including data analysis, geometry, and algebra, are taught in every grade, even Kindergarten! And while they are learning math skills, students are practicing reading, writing, critical thinking, and problem solving.


Students love mastering the science standards using the hands-on inquiry-based FOSS (Full Option Science System) kits. Each grade level has complete kits designed to help students discover important concepts in life, earth, and physical science. Thanks to the generosity of our families, our Dixie Discovery Center has proven to be a favorite of the children as well as the teachers. Our STAR Science instructors help to prepare hands-on activities to aid our teachers in teaching. Having a laboratory assistant available to stock, prepare, and arrange our science materials allows our teachers more time to create appropriate scientific learning experiences for our budding future scientists.

Social Studies

No education is complete without an excellent social studies curriculum. Through the study of geography, history and current events, students learn to be productive and informed citizens. The themes and courses of study for each grade level are fully outlined in the state frameworks and standards.

Physical education is taught for 200 minutes over a two-week period. Students also have opportunities for physical activity during recess and lunch free play periods. Included in the health course of study are standards related to maintaining a drug-free and healthy lifestyle, as well as explicit teaching of social behavior expectations. Our “Second-Step” curriculum is a research-based violence-prevention program which teaches empathy, emotion management, impulse control and problem solving.

Learning at Dixie is not confined to the classroom. We are well-known for our arts curriculum. We offer a district music program, a community-funded theater arts and dance program directed by Drama Sue, and a visual arts program led by Kathy Barbro. And, of course, the entire curriculum is supported through technology, both in the classroom and in our sparkling computer lab under the direction of Mr. Merkelson.

For more information regarding curriculum frameworks and standards, please visit the CDE website at

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