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Art with Ms. Barbro

I once read a quote “Everyone is a genius at something”. This is the closest description I can find to my philosophy of teaching art at Dixie Canyon. Over the years I’ve seen many students discover they can do much more than they thought they could do. And whether they go on study the arts or just take on a new hobby, I believe that everyone benefits finding a creative outlet. And goodness knows our world needs more creative thinkers.

Over the years I have built a collection of projects that overlap other areas of study as often as possible. For instance, kinders learn how to form caterpillar sculptures when learning about “Amazing Animals”, and fourth graders learn how to draw missions, when working on a CA mission unit. This list grows every year as I find more ways to link subjects together, in my continual quest for “the perfect art project”. It takes time to find these connections, but when they come together, it’s a joy to show students how art connects to so many things in their lives.

My background includes a B.F.A from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, followed by almost 20 years of working in graphic design. I have also been blogging about teaching art for about 10 years, and love the connections I can make around the world with others that have the same passions.

Kathy Barbro, Visual Arts Professional Expert

*after-school enrichment programs are NOT paid for by the PTA.

Mrs. Barbro shared these photos of the Dixie all grades canvas art completed 2014-15 that now resides at the Studio City Public Library.

Parents can visit the Libary and photograph their child’s or their child’s class’ art.  Please share any photos at