Magic Night Cancelled 6/ 2/ 17

Due to permitting issues with LAUSD, the magic show scheduled for today has been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience. Full refunds will be available in the front office early next week.

Please contact or with any further questions. Thank you for your understanding and support.



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Return Library Books – 5/ 27/ 17

The May 23 Library book return deadline has passed.  Ms. Franny reports that there are still 53 missing library books!

Please check your homes, cars or anywhere else your child frequents for lost Dixie Library books. Lost book fees are typically $25 per book.  Scroll down to learn more.

Each year, library books are accidentally taken home.  There are rewards for returned books.













Library Book Policies

Per district rules, any child who has not returned their books before the school year is over is not allowed to participate in the culmination ceremonies (5th grade) or year end activities (any grade). They also will not be given their report card until the debt is cleared or the book returned.  Cash or checks are accepted.   Average price per lost/damaged book is $25, some are $35-50.
Because Destiny, the library system, is district wide, even if a child does not return the outstanding book the debt will stay on their record.  This information will be transferred to the next school attended and will show up when they attempt to check out books.  Access will be denied until the debt is paid.
IF debt is STILL not resolved when they go to culminate/graduate from middle school or high school they will be denied the ability to “walk” with their classmates or receive their diploma.
This information is part of the California Ed Code included in all Dixie Canyon permission slips that sent out every year for the parents to read and sign.  The parents are held responsible financially for any and all school resources.
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Diversity Day – 5/ 26/ 17

Diversity Day is a complete success! Thank you Dixie teachers and students for a beautiful morning!

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