Whats’s New with Drama Sue After School?

Come join in the fun and excitement of our after-school enrichment program with a staff of well-trained professionals offering your child an experience of a lifetime.  Our Drama staff will make sure all students feel comfortable and recognized so they will stretch and grow in a very positive environment.

*after-school enrichment programs are NOT paid for by the PTA.

Dramaworks Fall 2017 programs are listed below:


Musical Theatre Mondays  THE WIZARD OF OZ MEETS THE WIZ


View Wizard of Oz schedule:  DIXIEwizardofozmeetsthewizFALL2017SCHEDULEFINALFORPARENTS

Bollywood Dancing Tuesdays

This workshop is centered around student encouragement and praising each child for who they are, thus developing their confidence in life experiences. Students develop a solid performing background while having fun in the process. This workshop includes Bollywood dancing techniques which improves balance, flexibility, dexterity, and coordination. In doing so, your child will develop over 30 core muscles, and increase self-confidence that will stay with them forever.


Kinder Drama Enrichment Thursdays: “Character Rocks

Our Kinder drama program is an excellent way to introduce the long-term benefits of dramatic arts participation to children attending Kindergarten.  Each student is highly involved in creative drama activities that develops speaking skills,  builds confidence, and enhances early social skills and creative learning.


Glee Club Fridays

Our Glee Club experience will introduce your child to a variety of musical selections and styles with an introduction to proper breathing techniques. We will introduce the students to musical format, with emphasis on basic component study including: rhythm, meter, tempo, melody, harmony, and the dynamics of musical articulation. We will provide your child with an opportunity to sing and perform Pop and Broadway music in a fun atmosphere, while learning voice technique, musical expression, and providing self confidence in all areas.

View the Glee Club schedule here:



Please feel free to contact Drama Sue at dramasue1@yahoo.com with any questions.