Come to the May PTA Association Meeting to discuss the BUDGET CRISIS and vote on 2017-18 Budget.
Budget Crisis 2017 Flyer #2Read the below original PTA Association Notification:


Required Wage Increase May Force PTA to Cut Support Staff for Your Kids

How We Can Avoid Losing Critical Support Staff at Dixie Canyon: 

The recent increase in California minimum wage means a 113% increase in hourly wages for critical staff that the PTA supports.

This will cost our PTA $26,000 in additional expenses. The wage increase will directly impact our Science Expert, Front Office Staff and Classroom Teacher’s Assistants.

Current PTA fundraisers will NOT be able to cover this increase.

Our choice is simple: eliminate existing resources for our children or raise the additional money for this required wage increase now!

To close the gap we ask that families donate to the PTA Annual Giving Fund.

This $26,000 gap must be filled by May 30, 2017, or difficult decisions will have to be made.

$25, $50, $100, $500 or more…whatever you can donate will make a direct impact on your child’s experience.

Together we can close the gap! But don’t wait…donate today!

To donate go to the Annual-Giving page. Or download and fill out the form in the front office. Checks can be made payable to the “Dixie Canyon PTA.”

To learn more about the details, please join us at PTA Association meetings.  Click here for monthly PTA meeting schedule. Free licensed childcare available in the library for evening meetings. Food is provided.

You can always email Dixie PTA President Anne Ruane with your questions.

Dixie Canyon PTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer support group (Tax ID #237075695)


To see the revised budget breakdown,  join us at the monthly PTA meetings.  

welcome letter

Dixie Canyon PTA’s Mission

Our mission is to encourage and support our students and parents by engaging and empowering our families and community to advocate for all of our children. We are dedicated to uplifting our children and making sure they have a safe and productive environment. We are dedicated to promoting children’s health, well-being, and educational success through strong parent, family, and community involvement.


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The Dixie Canyon Parent Teachers Association (PTA) is a community of families, teachers and staff, who, through their time, energy, and fundraising efforts, have committed themselves to providing the students at Dixie Canyon Community Charter with the best educational, learning and cultural opportunities available.

2016-17 PTA BOARD


National PTA is the largest child advocacy group in the country. Dixie PTA strives to provide policy and legislative information to our members and speak out wherever possible to influence decisions that affect our schools. PTA is an active advocacy group.

We also provide the resources and financial means crucial to a wide variety of student enrichment programs unique to Dixie Canyon Community Charter:



A large, involved PTA group sends a clear message to organizations, corporations and local businesses that we are committed to our school and the surrounding community. This lends strength to our message when seeking grants and donations from these establishments.

Research also proves that students achieve their greatest potential when family takes an active part in their education. We need you! It takes a lot of people to accomplish everything we do at Dixie. Your skills, expertise and energy are just as important to us as the money you contribute. Plus, it’s fun to get know some great people who are just as committed as you and make new friends.

Questions? Contact Lydia Silva


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Are you leading an Event?

Here are the things you need for a successful event!

Communication Guidelines 2016 – this document has all the info you need to know to work with the communication team (i.e. deadlines for eblast and poster fabrication)

Dixie Event Submission Form – once submitted to the Communication Team, this form will help promote your event on the Dixie Communication platforms: this website, eBlast, Social Media and more. You can also request the creation of your event flyer.  See Communication Guidelines for more information.

Learn more about the Communciations Team.