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The Holiday Boutique team THANKS:

all the wonderful sponsors

Hollar owner David Yeom who contributed $500 inventory donation

Dr Michelle To for inventory items and gift wrap supplies and continuing to be a stalwart Dixie supporter

M Street Cafe who provided volunteers and parents with coffee all week long

The Dixie Canyon Student Council and representatives who donated their time

AND all the Dixie supporters who generously donated items, gift wrap supplies, and more importantly, their time and experience

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Sign up Genius is ready!  Click on the button to sign up!  Thank you!

Accepting Gift Wrap Donations beginning November 5.





















What is the Holiday Boutique?  Students have the opportunity to shop for their friends and family at the HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE. They gain valuable life experience shopping on their own: working with money, reading directions, using math skills, learning to budget, helping others, making choices;  and they learning the joy of giving to those they love. Presents are gift wrapped for free so they stay a surprise for the holidays.  

When can students shop?  Students visit the HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE before school, during recess, lunch and after school during the week of December 4 – 8.  

How can parents help?  During the HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE week, please send your child to school with money in a labeled wallet or plastic bag.  Students can also make a wish list and return any time the HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE is open.

VOLUNTEER!  Sign up by clicking on the  VOLUNTEER SIGN UP  and find out how you can help.  Email to learn more.

DONATE! Donations of wrapping, gift bags, ribbon, tape, and tissue paper help save our budget for merchandise and other needs. Look for donation box at the office and in front of school beginning November 6.  

STOP BY!  Peruse and shop when the HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE is open before and after school.  Check out our exciting new inventory together.

How does the Holiday Boutique helps Dixie Canyon? Profits help pay for all the programs PTA covers. Learn more here.

Thank you for supporting the HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE!