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Your involvement is vital to your child’s achievement.  Family engagement has been PTA’s number one priority since its founding, and that priority continues today.  PTA leaders and volunteers work locally and in our state and national capitols to implement, strengthen and fund proven family engagement strategies throughout California.

Five family-engagement facts:

  1. A home environment that encourages learning is a bigger factor in student achievement than a parent’s income, education level or cultural background.
  2. Schools would need to spend $1000 more per pupil to reap the same gains to student achievement than an involved parent brings.
  3. Family-engagement programs in school districts provide a great benefit to students including improved school readiness, higher grades and test scores, and healthier behavior.
  4. Family-engagement programs bring an increased likelihood of graduating from high school and attending college.
  5. Family engagement in school communities is supported, strengthened and required by both state and federal laws.

Well-informed, engaged parents make a difference in the success in school and beyond.  Whether it’s reading together, monitoring homework, talking to teachers, joining the PTA or taking an active part in school governance and decision making.

Every Dixie family should have at least one PTA Member!

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PTA Membership packets are coming soon.  Please be sure to provide full classroom and child information on your form.  If you did not complete all sections on the form, please email dixievpofmembership@gmail.com