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Drop Off & Pick Up, Traffic Instructions

For those of you who are unaware of the STOP, DROP & GO procedures at Dixie, here are some rules to follow before you get a ticket from the police. They are out in full force, taking pictures and ticketing!

Stop Drop and Go Schedule

    All parents are asked to volunteer for Stop Drop and Go. Your classroom will be assigned one or two weeks depending on grade level. Check the schedule and consult your room parent or teacher to sign up at least one morning on the week your classroom is assigned.

*Stop, Drop & Go – Schedule ’18-’19

Morning Drop Off

  • Do NOT park in front of the school during times as noted on the signs or you will get a big ticket!
  • Do NOT stop and get out of your car for any reason or you will get a ticket – a big ticket!

At Drop Off and Pick Up

  • Do NOT pull up in the red zone near the alley or they will take a picture of your car – you will get a ticket in the mail.
  • Do NOT jay walk or you will get a ticket. Any street crossing needs to take place at the cross walk at the light.
  • Do NOT make U-turns in front of the school, or anywhere on Dixie Canyon Avenue. It is a $300 ticket.
  • Do NOT park in the curb areas that are marked BUS ZONES. These spaces are reserved for buses attending to special needs children and are off limits to autos.
  • Do NOT park in the St. Francis de Sales school lot next door to Dixie. The first two spots are reserved for Dixie Auction winners, and the rest of the lot is for St. Francis de Sales students/families only.
  • Do NOT drop off or pick up your child outside of the cones.  This jeopardizes the child’s safety and that will not be tolerated.
  • Youth Services– Students in grades two through five are able to stay after school under the supervision of Youth Services until 6pm.

If you are not parking and walking your child in, please DO pull your car up in the line slowly and with proper etiquette – all the way as far as you can go and let your child out of the car as quickly as possible. It is common courtesy that you do not cut in front of others as the line is forming. Once your child(ren) is(are) out of the car proceed to pull away from the curb immediately. Please do not lollygag, put on makeup, read, talk on phone, etc. while you sit in the car. Please pull away as soon as the door shuts to make room for others behind you to pull up and let their child out. Any questions should be addressed to the principal by calling the office at (818) 784-6283.

School Bus Zone

The school bus zone is at the northerly portion of the school’s frontage on Dixie Canyon Avenue by the north gate near room 17 and the alley between Dixie Canyon and St. Francis De Sales School.

The combination passenger loading and 2-hour parking zone now begins at the alley north of Ventura Blvd. and ends where the bus zone begins. Student unloading time is from 7:45 until 9:00am. Student loading time will be from 1:30pm until 4:00pm.

Student unloading and student loading shall be on a “Stop, Drop and GO” basis.   Parents who need to park and enter the campus will need to find parking other than the “Stop, Drop and GO zone”. Between the hours of 9am-1:30pm, 2-hour parking will be allowed in the same “Stop, Drop and GO” zone. In addition, the portion of Dixie Canyon Avenue which is the frontage of St. Francis De Sales, is now posted for 15-minute parking from 7:00am to 5:00pm. Our pre-K students may be dropped off by the gate on Woodbridge Street, where Mrs. Melgar, our preschool teacher, will greet them. If they ride the bus, two of our aides will greet them by the north gate by room 17. Please note that Woodbridge Ave. is NOT a Stop, Drop and GO zone.

Staff Parking Lot

The staff parking lot is for Dixie Canyon school staff members only. Parents/guardians may not park their vehicle in the staff parking lot. Unauthorized vehicles parked in the staff parking lot will be towed at the owner’s expense (Vehicle Code 21113 and 22658). In addition, parents/guardians may not drop their children off in the staff parking lot or the alley (Vehicle Code 21113).

Another pick-up option is to park on Ventura Blvd. or a side street and walk to the gates to meet your child. Gates are located outside of room 17 and at the front doors. At dismissal if you wait until school has been out for about 20 minutes and allow your child to play on the yard, your chances of avoiding the traffic jam are much better! On rainy days Youth Services will supervise the children in the Auditorium (or library if the auditorium is in use) until 6:00pm.

In order to keep all children SAFE and to avoid traffic, parking tickets or towing of your vehicle, please follow all traffic and safety rules. Do not use the alleys surrounding the school as pick-up or drop-off points, or park in the alleys (even if “just for a minute”). Please do not park in the staff parking lot before or after school to drop-off or pick-up, nor drop-off in the alley outside the staff parking lot and allow your child to walk in alone. The staff lot is only available for parent parking after 3:00pm. Please DO NOT HONK to get your child’s attention on the yard, as this behavior disturbs our neighbors and is not a polite practice!