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School Policies


It is important that your child attend class each school day.  When it is necessary for a child to be absent, a written note is required.  The note should be brought to the teacher on the morning following the absence.  Notes from doctors containing special instructions or following an extended absence should be taken directly to the main office before school.

Habits of promptness and regular attendance are established early in the child’s school career.  Please encourage  your child to arrive on tie each day.  Students should remain in school for the full length of the instruction day.  Please make every effort to make appointments outside of school hours.  Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring that their child attend school daily for the full length of the school day.

Absences are marked excused for the following:

  • Illness of the child
  • Medical appointment
  • Funeral of a close relative
  • Each absence beyond 5 days must be verified by a health professional.  Parents will not be allowed to justify absences by writing a note if the absence goes beyond 5 days.
  • State law declares a student truant when the student has 3 unexcused absences or tardies in excess of 30 minutes.  Phone notifications are automatically generated from the district attendance program when students are absent or tardy.
  • It is very important to send an absence note to school each time your child is absent.  Each day of unexcused absence costs the school and District approximately $17.00 of badly needed funding.

For additional questions, please call the office at (818) 784-6283.

Arrival and Dismissal

Children are to be on time but should not arrive more than 20 minutes before the start of school.  All students need to line up on the yard when the 8:10am bell rings.  Parents and children should not wait outside of the classrooms in the morning (with the exception of Kinder students in the Kinder yard).

Children should leave school immediately following dismissal  unless they are participating in the after school playground program or afters chool classes.  Students may not remain on the yard unsupervised.  The Kindergarten yard and upper grade yard play equipment will be closed after the dismissal bell. 

After School Playground

Beginning August 16, 2016, the playground is open and supervised by our Youth Services Coach frorm 2:30pm to 6pm (Tuesdays from 1:38pm to 6pm.) Only students in grades 2-5 may participate in YS After School Playground.  Parents will need to fill out a permission slip and make sure your child is instructed to sign in when they stay afters school.  Students are not allowed to leave and come back to the YS program.

Click on Behavior Rules to learn more.  Please go over these rules with your child.

Cafeteria Program

Full price breakfast $2.25 (reduced price $.30)
Full price lunch $2.75 (reduced price .40)

update coming soon!

The law requires that the school make the free/reduced meal program available to all students. If your child qualified for one of these programs during the last school year, he/she will have the opportunity to continue on the program during September, but you must reapply each school year. The school district mailed out applications for the new school year to each returning student’s home during August. If your child is new to the school or you did not receive an application by mail, you may apply online. The cafeteria will contact students who quality for free or reduced price meals after application processing, and the meal program will begin as early as October. If you do not meet the qualifications for the free or reduced price meal programs, your child will still be able to purchase meals at full price and you may deposit money into his/her account in the Cafeteria.

You may also send your child with a sack lunch from home. Should your child forget his/her lunch. we ask that you do not deliver it to your child’s room. Instead, please mark the bag with your child’s name and room number, put it on the lunch cart in the main hallway, and leave a note in the office for your child to pick it up at his/her lunch break. We would appreciate that you follow this procedure so that you avoid interrupting valuable instruction time in your child’s classroom. Please do not send your child to school with a hot fast food lunch, as the smell of it causes a distraction to the other children in the classroom.

Classroom Assignments

Since many of our families move in and out of the community during the summer, it may be necessary to make some changes in our class assignments during the first weeks of school.  We want to insure that the class size is approximately equal and that each child is placed in the classroom which will best foster his academic and social growth.

Classroom Visitation

You are welcome to visit your child’s classroom after receiving approval from the Principal.  Please come to the office for a visitor’s permit and please limit your visit to 20 minutes. Everyone visiting the school should come through the office for a permit or visitor’s pass.  We want to know all adults on our grounds.

Closed Campus Policy

To ensure your child’s safety, during school hours Dixie canyon is a closed campus.  All adults must sign in, get a visitors pass and entry and exit the campus through the main office.  Upon leaving please turn in your visitor’s pass and sign out.  We appreciate your assistance and understanding in enforcing our closed campus policy.

District Policy on Student Use of Mobile Telephones and Pagers

Students are permitted to possess on campus mobile phones, pages, or electronic signal devices provided that any such device shall remain OFF and store in a back pack, purse or other place where it is not visible during normal school hours.  For safety and privacy reasons, these devices are NOT to be used when walking in hallways, in bathrooms, in classrooms or offices, or on field trips, unless specific permission is granted by school personnel.  Students must comply anytime a request is made by school personnel to cease the use of these devices.  If such a device is observed by staff, it shall be confiscated until redeemed by a parent or guardian.  These devices are not a necessary requirement for school attendance. If your child needs to reach a parent or guardian in an emergency, they should come to the main office and request permission to use the school phones.

Dress Code

Clothing for School – We believe that coming to school properly groomed helps establish a worthwhile lifetime habit. However, Dixie does have dress code that will be strictly enforced for students.  In general, sturdy, comfortable, age-appropriate clothing is recommended for school.

The school day is a busy and active one.  Proper shoes are important.  The Physical Education (PE) is active. Children should wear closed toed shoes, with backs that will not fall off and provide proper support.  “Slip-ons” or sandals are not safe on the playground.  Socks should be worn to protect feet from blisters.

Clothing that associates children with gangs, that are extra large or sagging-style, shirts or skirts that are too short or revealing or clothing with unacceptable language or images will result in a phone call home for parents to come to school with a change of clothing.

Please refer to the LAUSD Parent Student Handbook for a detailed explanation of all District policies and regulations.


During an emergency, students will remain at school unless a parent or guardian arrives at school to take the child home.  In the event of an earthquake, flooding, etc., all school entrances and exits must be controlled (to prevent excited or confused students from leaving school grounds).  All gates will be locked and students will be on the playground with their teachers until a parent or guardian arrives.

Please make sure the LAUSD required Emergency Kits are returned to school (good for five years). If you need to purchase a new one, please order via the Emergency Preparedness Page.

Emergency Cards

It is critically important that the school have current emergency information on file for each pupil.  Not providing the school with a current address and/or submitting a fraudulent address may result in loss of enrollment privileges. Please complete all information, sign it and return immediately.  During the year, be sure to update the information as place of employment, residence and telephone numbers changes.  It is most distressing for everyone, especially your child, when we cannot contact a parent during an illness or emergency.

Healthy Foods Initiative

As a result of the USDA (Dept of Agriculture) Smart Snacks in School Rule enacted by the 2010 Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act, we will continue to implement and expand our “Healthy Foods Policy”.  Celebration of student birthdays will be held only once a month on a date assigned by the classroom teacher.  Birthday activities will take place during non-instructional time. Nutrition standards will be applied to all classroom parties or activities as well as classroom rewards and incentives.  List of approved snacks and alternative rewards can be found on the Food Services Page of the LAUSD website.

Health Issues

A permit to return to school from a doctor, if:

  • Child is wearing a cast (students wil casts may not participate in PE or yard recess)
  • Child has an injury requiring stitches
  • There has been a head injury
  • Child has had prolonged serious illness
  • A student returning to school with sutures, casts, crutches, brace(s) or a wheelchair must have a physician’s written permission to attend school and must comply with any safety procedures required b the school administration and Health Services personnel.
  • A student returning to school following a serious or prolonged illness, injury, surgery or other hospitalization, must have written permission by the health care provider to attend school, including any recommendation regarding physical activity.
  • An excuse (less than 10 days) from a Physical Education (PE) class may be granted to a student who is unable to participate in a regular or modified curriculum for a temporary period of time due to illness or injury.  A parent’s written request for an excuse will be accepted for up to 5 days; thereafter, a written request is needed from the student’s health care provider.
  • A current District Emergency Information sheet must be on file at the school so that the parents or guardians can be notified promptly in case of accident or illness involving their child.
  • If health information on the child changes, it is important for the safety of the child that the school is notified.  School health personnel are available for consultation.


Homework is an important part of the instructional program at Dixie Canyon.  It is given to reinforce, extend and enrich skills that have been taught.  Please provide your child with a quiet place to work.  Also take the time to check the work when it is completed.  The District guidelines suggest that homework may be assigned each day, Monday through Thursday, according to the following schedule

Kindergarten – 15-20 minutes per day

Grades 1-2 – 30-35 minutes per day

Grade 3-4 – 35-45 minutes per day

Grade 4 – 50-60 minutes per day

Lost and Found

Please put your child’s name on clothing and other articles brought to school. If an article is lost, the child should check the Lost and Found located next to Room 2.  Please peruse the Lost and Found weekly for your child’s items.

LAUSD does not provide insurance for loss of or damage to personal property of students.  Bringing personal property to school, particularly large sums of money, expensive jewelry, clothing, iPads, video games, watches, etc., is strong discouraged. Any items that pose a safety problem to the students will be confiscated and will only be returned to the student’s parent.  Valuable items should not be brought to school.  We urge you to continue to work with your child to teach and reinforce those values which make us better able to live together in society.

If you label your child’s clothing, you will be better able to identify missing items.

Medications at School

  • Students may not carry or use medications on campus without written consent. A student who needs to take medication during school hours must have a statement to this effect on file at school, signed by the prescribing physician and the parent or guardian.  School health personnel do not prescribe or give advice regarding medication.
  • Screening of visual and hearing will be done on first admission to school, and thereafter in accordance with State mandates.  Parents or guardians will be notified of any conditions requiring further attention.

Parent with questions regarding lice click here.


Parents may not park or drop off at the Staff Parking lot.  Please observe city parking regulations around the school. Do not double park or block driveways.

Release of Children During School Hours

Children will be released only to parents or their designated representative in the school office during school hours. District policy prohibits our releasing a child to walk home alone.  We will not release a child to anyone who is not listed in your child’s emergency card.  Be sure your child’s emergency card is kept up to date throughout the school year.

Safety and Security

Discuss with your child the safest and most direct route to and from school and to be careful in crossing streets. Parents are strongly encouraged to drop their child off at the Dixie Canyon Avenue entrance no later than 7:45am. Please observe the posted traffic signs and exit the valet drop off area.  Please refer to the Stop, Drop and Go Guidelines.

LAUSD School Police and LAPD will be patrolling our school perimeter on a regular basis.  Expensive traffic citations will be given out to anyone not observing the traffic and safety rules.  Please be polite and cooperative with our Stop, Drop and Go volunteers – they are there to see that all of our children remain safe.

Statement of Nondiscrimination

LAUSD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender (including sexual harrassment), physical or mental disability, or age in any of its policies, procedures or practices, in compliance with Federal civil rights laws.  A full policy statement is contained in the Parent – Student Handbook.

Telephone Usage

Please remind your child that the phone in the office is for emergency calls only. We ask that you and your child have a plan that if you are late picking your child up, he/she may play on the yard after school instead of using the office phone to call you. Please make arrangements for the pick-up of your child, and make sure your child knows the plan BEFORE you drop him/her off in the morning. The main office gets inundated with phone calls at the end of the school day with parents asking to give messages to the children immediately.

Zone Map

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