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What is a “Partner of Dixie?”

When you become a member of the Dixie POD, your business or organization is contributing to our school in a meaningful and vital way: your tax-deductible donation supplements district funding for programs that inspire learning, enrich curriculum, and promote academic excellence. 

By offering recognition to participating POD Members in our communications, at our events, on our website, and shared on social media, Partners of Dixie communicates your support of our neighborhood public school.

When the community supports our school,
our children thrive in the community 

Dixie Canyon Community Charter is:
  • a community of over 800 students, teachers, and administrators
  • committed to excellence in education
  • dedicated to promoting diversity and innovation

Every dollar raised through Partners of Dixie will help fund:
  • professional experts in the areas of science, technology, art, drama, and physical education
  • gardening and music enrichment programs
  • computers, campus safety, classroom aides, teaching supplies, and so much more

When you become a member of the Dixie POD:
  • you’re opening the door to our entire community of students, parents, teachers, administrators, staff, and volunteers – not to mention the affluent neighborhood of Sherman Oaks

A banner on the Dixie Canyon Avenue fence can garner almost 2,500 impressions in a 24-hour period
Dixie Canyon families are patrons of the businesses that support our school
No less than 100% of your tax-deductible donation will go directly to our students. (Do you really need another reason?)
Join Our POD Today!

It Takes a POD

Dixie Canyon PTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer support group (Tax ID #237075695)