What is Spell-a-thon?

Students Grade 1-5 take a spelling test and Kinder students take a letter writing test.

Parents collect pledges (in any amount) for each word spelled (for Kinders: letter written) correctly.  Donors may also give a flat rate donation.

Please keep these important dates and information in mind:

•  Spellathon Kickoff assembly will be Thursday, Sept. 22.  Packets will go home with students this day.

•  Tests will be taken AFTER SCHOOL on October 20th.

•  ALL parents must opt their children in or out so teachers are aware of which students are staying to take the test and which should be dismissed to meet their parents or go to after-school activities (Drama Sue, Art, STAR, etc.). See below note for Kinders.

•  There will be a sign-up sheet with teachers and we’ll be utilizing Room Parents (if available) to facilitate getting all parents to sign up ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Spellathon committee will communicate directly with teachers who don’t have Room Parents.

•   2 parent volunteers needed for grades 1-5 classrooms to stay after school on the 13th to communicate with parents who may have forgotten the test was happening, and help bring completed tests to the office.  If your classroom does not have a Room Parent yet, please let your teacher know.


•   2 parent volunteers needed for Kinder classrooms to stay after school on October 20th as stated above and, in addition, to walk Kinders to their after school programs.

•  After the graded tests are received back, please to turn in pledge money to the PTA box in the office (in the envelope that will be sent home with the graded test) to be collected each day. Please do not send pledge money with your child.

•  All pledge money is due October 30.

•  Top award prizes will be announced at the October 31st Halloween assembly.

Prizes include:

$15 or more – entered to Silly String Ms. Yniguez and Mr. Merkelson!

$25 or more – entered to go to Menchies with Ms. Yniguez!

$50 or more – entered to have a computer named after you!

$150 or more – entered to win an ipad mini!

Top 3 Classrooms receive a voucher for the teacher to use on school supplies.

Spell-a-thon is optional.  We hope you’ll join us in this educational fundraiser that helps fund Dixie’s wonderful Tech Center, which is used by students in all grades.



Questions regarding Spellathon? Email

Questions regarding Fundraising?  Email