As the Technology Center Teacher, I assist upper grade teachers (mainly 4th and 5th) and students in doing research on various topics consistent with their work in many curricular areas.  Students learn and develop computer skills such as proper use of the mouse as an input device, opening and closing programs (such as Firefox, Microsoft Word, and HyperStudio), turning the computers on and off, printing some of their work, as well as many others. Emphasis is placed on making good choices while on the Internet.  In grades K through 3, we use many online sites for practice in a number of areas of the curriculum.  Students are encouraged to use these sites at home for additional practice.  For several years Grades 3, 4 and 5 have started the year working on keyboarding skills using the on line program Dance Mat Typing.  They are encouraged to continue using this program at home.

Mr. Merkelson

Mr. Merkelson

As of June, 2013, we are fortunate to have 37 new iMac computers which are being leased through the generosity of donors and the PTA.  After 4 years the computers will belong to the school.  These new computers offer us many opportunities to expand computer skills for all students.

I hope you will find the time to come by and visit the Tech Center to see what we are doing.  You are always welcome.

Thank You,
Mr. Merkelson
Technology Resource Teacher