THANK YOU Dixie Volunteers for helping make this year’s HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE a FABULOUS SUCCESS and a SUPER FUN TIME for all our Dixie kids!!

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Thanks to these volunteers in the early part of the week! Join the fun!


December 5 – 9 at the Dixie Library




What is the Holiday Boutique?

At the HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE, Dixie students have the opportunity to shop for gifts for their friends and family. Their gifts can be wrapped and labeled so they stay a surprise for the holidays.  Students gain valuable life experience shopping on their own. They work with money, read, use math skills, budget, help others, share, make choices, and learn the joy of giving to those they love.

When can students shop?

The HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE is open during recess, lunch and after school during the week of December 5 – 9.  There may be other opportunities for children to visit the library and shop.  Visit dixiecanyon.com, dixiecanyondolphins on Facebook, and look for upcoming eBlasts for updates.

How can parents help?

Remember to send your child to school with money in their wallets or in a plastic bag with their name on it during the HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE week.  Students can also make a list of what they want to buy and return any time the HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE is open.

VOLUNTEER! The HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE is a weeklong event with many roles and shifts to be successful!  Look for the VOLUNTEER SIGN UP where you will find updates. Please volunteer at times other than when your child will visiting the HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE. It is important that the kids surprise their family with their purchases and have a chance to learn all of those lessons that come with shopping on their own.

DONATE! Donations of wrapping, gift bags, ribbon, tape, and tissue paper for boutique help save our budget for merchandise and other needs.  Look for donation box at the office.

The HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE Committee and the PTA thank you for your support!

How does the Holiday Boutique helps Dixie Canyon?

Profits from the boutique go to the PTA general fund to help pay for Arts Professors, the Science Lab, Technology in the Classroom, and much more!  Learn more here.

Please donate wrapping materials November 28 to December 2

after Thanksgiving break.